Goodbye March: Another 2018 month, flying by! Can you believe it's already April? And very surprisingly, it's currently SNOWING here in New York. I arrived home yesterday morning from spending the most AMAZING week in Japan. The jetlag from a 14-hour flight + 13 hour time difference is OH SO REAL. While I am overwhelmingly grateful … Continue reading HELLO APRIL: MONTHLY REFLECTIONS & INTENTIONS


Many of us struggle with pretty demanding schedules. Stress, information overload, and juggling responsibilities is more common than ever. Our bodies express stress in different ways: tension, neck or lower back pain, headaches, dizziness, digestive issues, and numbness are some examples. As I wrote in my post about Self-Care, ongoing stress can be damaging to our … Continue reading MANAGING WORK STRESS

Planning for Success: Triggers, Pressure & Holiday Craziness

We are officially in the mist of the holiday craziness. Instead of the letting the stress takeover, I’m using this time to get my mindset rock solid. Being in recovery means having more freedom, and freedom comes with a lot of responsibility. What’s coming up this weekend for you? Parties? Work potlucks? Happy Hours? My … Continue reading Planning for Success: Triggers, Pressure & Holiday Craziness

Holiday Stress Relief & Returning to the Present Moment

Thanksgiving and Holiday Season kickoff is officially upon us! For me, holiday excitement goes hand-in-hand with stress. Hosting, planning, budgeting, staying accountable, accommodating people, family drama, traveling, expectations, and the list goes on. Did you know too much stress can cause our bodies physical harm? When our bodies experiences stress, a surge of hormones is … Continue reading Holiday Stress Relief & Returning to the Present Moment