Goodbye 2017: WE MADE IT! 2017 was an interesting year for me. My word of 2017 was AWARENESS; awareness of my stress levels, true happiness, qualities I’m attracted too, amount of negative self-talk, unconscious judgments, etc. Read more about ditching Resolutions & instead choosing a Word Of The Year here. 2017 REFLECTIONS & LEARNINGS: Lifestyle: I learned … Continue reading HELLO 2018: 2017 REFLECTIONS & INTENTIONS

Cultivating Confidence in the Workplace

Last week, something out of the ordinary, but pretty awesome happened. I was approached four times by completely different individuals, who expressed similar observations & questions about my career. They were impressed with my confidence at work, positive attitude, ability to clearly state my opinion, and take constructive criticism without letting emotions get in the … Continue reading Cultivating Confidence in the Workplace