I’ve had a weird month y’all. I’ve had some really truly great moments and and some crappy things happen. All one right after another.

It all got me in quite a mental funk, and it didn’t help that I was slacking in my normal routine. It’s scary how one distraction can cause such an intense ripple effect that affects me for days, even weeks.

I let some bad eating habits slip back in and have not been getting enough sleep. In turn, it ALL affects my mood. I know that exercising and eating a balanced diet makes me a better person, friend, and employee, and girlfriend – so let’s get back to it!

While June came with some bumps, there were plenty of amazing ones I will cherish:

Best Friend visited from Boston
Danced my way through my 11th Dave Matthews Band Concert
Attended my first OA Meeting (Saturday 6/9)
Walked the Brooklyn Bridge 
Brunch at the Comedy Cellar
Tasted all the amazing-ness at Smorgasburg


Reunited with old friends for take out Sushi dinner & wine night


Here’s to hoping July will be my month of acceptance and enthusiasm. My goal is to love myself a little more, forgive myself, and be gentle with my failures as they aid in getting me to victories.

2018 has been a roller coaster and I’m ready to start the new month with a new attitude. I’m ready to roll with the punches, grow, learn, and have fun. Exciting things are ahead.



  1. Such a positive vibe you’re giving through this post! And what a pretty photo diary you made, it all looks like it was so much fun! Ugh I really have to start taking more pictures again, sometimes I just get caught up in the moment and forget that I even have a phone/camera😂

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    1. Thank you!! And it’s good you’re getting caught in the moment – that’s how more people should live! I’m trying to put the phone more often too.

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