Holiday Stress Relief & Returning to the Present Moment

Thanksgiving and Holiday Season kickoff is officially upon us! For me, holiday excitement goes hand-in-hand with stress. Hosting, planning, budgeting, staying accountable, accommodating people, family drama, traveling, expectations, and the list goes on.


Did you know too much stress can cause our bodies physical harm? When our bodies experiences stress, a surge of hormones is released getting us prepared for the worst. This can be beneficial when necessary, but I think we all know nine times out of ten our stressors are not life threatening. Being in a constant state of abnormal stress can lead to: insomnia, weight loss/gain, digestive issues, and skin problems.

Not only do we have these awful side effects, but our stress also stands in the way of being able to enjoy the moment. And if you’ve been following, you know I’m a big advocate for staying in the present moment!

This holiday season, I’m challenging myself to practice the cycle of Coming Back to Now (another thing I should trademark):

  1. Recognize the Stress
  2. Accept the Thoughts
  3. Brainstorm Ways to Relief the Stress
  4. Return to the Present Moment

To successfully complete the cycle, remind yourself that YOU are your best motivator and accountability partner.

In order to be your best motivator, even in the midst of the holiday whirlwind, make sure to take some time to re-center to your own heart, breath, and wise mind.

Name your stressors. Write them down along with the specific moments when the pop up. Acknowledge that they exist so that you can move forward with counteracting and conquering them!

Lastly, practice focusing your attention solely on the moment you’re in right now.
The more you can practice this cycle of awareness and focus, the less you’ll be caught up in the stress, worries, concerns and doubts.

Trust me! I’ve been practicing this cycle for two years now, and though I need to remind myself constantly to do it, The moments where you do conquer the cycle and enter this balanced, stress-free mindset you will be able to see life from a highly aware state and soak in all the goodness that is the holiday season.


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