Goodbye September: Well this month flew by and felt like an extra month of summer in the Northeast! It’s been HOT. Looking back at my reflections from August,  I almost was doing TOO MUCH (like on the weekends, overdoing plans, etc) and this month I was able to take a step back and relax a little more & get back to the routine.

  • Lifestyle: I definitely got back on my routine this month, which felt amazing! I tried the cycling classes at my gym which is NEW for me, in the past I was hesitant to try new stuff at the gym because of that darn social anxiety. Now, I’ve fallen in love with it and am going three times a week. After my adulting money breakdown, I’ve been budgeting a little more this month & reviewing my credit/debit card charges a little more in-depth. OH! I also kicked my nail biting habit. Thank goodness for adding Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to my morning smoothie. My nails have been growing in strong and healthy, not weak & brittle like they would before.
  • Mind/Soul: I’ve learned alot this month, some which I’ve written posts about. Prioritizing my values and goals over meetings others expectations, started putting my phone down about 20 minutes before I fall asleep, listening to supporting podcasts, and attended an amazing meditation class at MNDFL.
  • Career: EHHHH. The usual. As I’ve mentioned for the last few months, I love my actual work of my job and my co-workers, but when there’s a dark grey cloud of uncertainty and unknowingness hovering for months – people are apt to get aggravated. That fuels anger, cracks in the system, pushes talented people to leave the company, stresses people out, fuels rumors, and prevents creativity/innovation. So, we’ll see – trying to stay positive!
  • Social: I really stepped back from being over social this month, and concentrated on myself. As I wrote about here, I said No to social engagements when I felt it was appropriate or I felt like I couldn’t show up as my best self. On the other hand, I did get the opportunity to hang out with newer friends and co-workers who were once just acquaintances and now turning into close friends. Also fun story. I haven’t been to an ‘apartment day party’ in a while – god I’m getting old. Anyway, it felt SO FREAKIN GOOD wearing a tight midi dress (see drunk eyes in far left picture below), dancing, socializing, and not giving a DAMN what people thought of my appearance. If I told myself a year ago that I would be walking around this party introducing myself to people like it ain’t no thing, I would’ve laughed in your face. My social anxiety was horrible (are they looking at me? how horrible do I look right now? an I an embarrassment to my friend I came with?) I’m telling you. If you have these feelings, please start incorporating self-care (meditation, journaling, blogging, massages, walks) into your routine.

Hello October: I LOVE FALL. This month is going to be a DOOZY – and as every other month in 2017 so far, it’s going to go by so fast. Let’s see what’s going on. Trowing my mom a birthday party, then off to Aruba with my best friend, come back to running a 5k, a great friends birthday weekend, then off to Austin, TX for 4 days!

I really want to keep my health a priority this month. From the multiple recovery slips I’ve had, it’s clear that to succeed I need structure. In terms of weight & exercise, I’ve found a great rhythm without feelings of guilt and shame if I treat myself to something or miss a workout. I don’t want to lost that mentality because of busy weekends and travel. To do this, I’m going to write out a list of why I’ve been in this journey and how I feel when I’m in my wisest mind.

Also in October, I want to work on lowering my expectations, or just being okay with not having expectations. Going into situations with the idea of open possibilities, staying in the present moment, and enjoying the experience instead of thinking about the consequences or what comes late. I feel a blog post coming on about this.

What are YOU excited for in October? Any Goals? What was your favorite memory from September?



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