Life Lessons from a Guru

I’ve recently become obsessed with watching Marie Forleo’s YouTube channel where she talks to gurus, leaders, and experts about a range of topics; usually in the realm of health, bettering yourself, mental health. Today I was watching Tony Robbin’s episode and he talked so many delicious topics. I just scribbled down notes, quotes, and ideas the whole time. Feel free to take a dive in. Let me know what stood out for you!

THE BIG QUESTION: What is an extraordinary life? What does that look like to you? Why do some people who seem to be born with everything struggle while other who life has beat the hell out of end up living a beautiful life? Many of those people, rather than being broken, become hungry, driven, & masterful in things because they don’t want anyone else to experience that brokenness.

WHAT PEOPLE WANT: An extraordinary life, a magnificent life.  The only way to create that is living life on your terms. What is going to light YOU up? No matter how you define what a truly magnificent life is, there are two skills you must master: The science of achievement and the art of fulfillment.

SCIENCE OF ACHIEVEMENT: If you want to achieve something, find somebody getting the result you want & model them. Success leave clues, go find out. Go look at the experts & find the patterns.

ART OF FULFILLMENT: What turns you on, excites you, fulfills you? It doesn’t matter what it is, we’re all fulfilled by slightly different thing. Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. What’s a lot more rare than a billionaire is someone who loves life every single day and stays happy when it doesn’t go their way.

SURVIVAL VS HAPPINESS: The brain is not designed to make you happy, it’s designed to make you survive. Survival = fear. Brain is always looking for what’s wrong and it’s easy for the mind to takeover unless our heart is what’s running us

THE STRUGGLE CAVEAT: You can be a Master of the Science of Achievement who has the power to take a vision and make it real, but can also suffer. If you don’t manage your mind and shift your state of living (beautiful vs struggle mindset) you will still be in pain.

THE COMMITMENT: Raise the bar on what we call suffering so you see it for what it is and realize that you can free yourself from it. You’re not living if you’re letting suffering take away happiness. Need to be committed to living in a beautiful state for yourself & those you love.

NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: When you start getting negative thoughts you have a choice: either give into them immediately or start noticing them. Be curious.  The more you notice these thoughts, the more muscle you build.

EXPECTATIONS: Most of your upsets are based on expectations. The problem with expectations is they put you in a box, the people you love in a box. We can’t stop expectations, but we can free ourselves by expectations when you trade in your expectations for appreciation. We live in a world where we expect so much because so much is available to us that we’re missing out on the joy.

THE GOAL: Commit to living in a beautiful state to benefit yourself & others. Shift out of the struggling fast and learn how to: stop, breathe in your heart, slow it down, see the thought go by, get curious about it & think about what you can appreciate. Consider making the most important decision of your life: I will not suffer anymore.

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