Experiencing Growth in the Wake of Trauma

On September 11th, 2001, at nine years old, I was at school two blocks away from the World Trade Centers.

I was evacuated from my school, submerged in clouds of smoke, and separated from my parents for hours.

My daily routines were utterly rearranged by the chaos; I was forced to go to school cities away and lived in hotels/family’s guest rooms for months.

Though it was a painful experience, I will never forget the goodness and compassion individuals in this country had for me, and now that I’m older I try to radiate that love back. This world needs far less hatred and considerably more compassion.

We will never know why evil exists in innocent neighborhoods and I will never have the answers of why people would put terrible pain and suffering on innocent families. I recognized that it is only through supporting each other that we can overcome obstacles and give one another the strength to endure them.

Let today be a reminder to be thankful, hold your loved ones closely, and believe that eventually, the light will outshine the darkness. Today we reflect, honor, & remember.

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2 thoughts on “Experiencing Growth in the Wake of Trauma

    1. Thank you, always a tough time of year, but I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without going through that day and the years following. Always light at the end of the tunnel 💛

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