Goodbye JulyHow is the summer going by so QUICKLY? Not okay. But we’re up to August which means I’m turning 2-5 this month (my thoughts around getting older .. HERE). July was exciting, bumpy at times, but I felt as though I let go of a lot of negativity around the usual summer suspects.

  • Lifestyle: This month was like an epic 30-day adventure. From Rhode Island, CT, Florida, and nights out in New York City; I pulled a Shonda Rhimes & July was the month of YES. I’ve learned that this isn’t always the best idea if you’re not in the right mindset – saying yes also has the power to negatively affect my productivity, shift my mood & good decision making skills. Overall though, this month proved that I can balance friendships, recovery, my budget, work, and creating new exciting experiences all at once. Don’t think I could’ve done that a year ago when my brain was filled to the brim with negativity.
  • Mind/Soul: Some mindfulness was definitely used this month. Can’t say my meditation goal was met (woops … second month in a row that one hasn’t happened), but self-love was a priority! I continued listening to my podcasts (go listen to every episode of Almost 30 right now kthanks), walks, the gym, sleeping in, chair massages – the works. Have also been digging deeper into my thoughts around relationships, friendships, & my values.
  • Career: Everything’s just fine – not great, not horrible. I’ve been trying to leave the office around 5pm and enjoy my life outside of work, but sometimes I’ll get stuck. Unlike some of my co-workers, I try not to complain if I need to stay late. Is it just me or is it such a privileged millennial thing to complain for little insignificant moment like that? Like, get over it. There are people working 3 jobs, juggling kids & longer commutes all over the country. Sometimes it takes staying in the office later to meet a deadline. IT HAPPENS. Unless you’re in a toxic work environment, try to change your expectations and shift your perspective. Leave the office, get a yummy dinner, do a little stretch, and give yourself a pep talk. Then get your shit done.
  • Social: Two of my best friends are leaving to go live in FL & Washington DC in August, so I was lucky enough to spend time with both of them throughout July. I also got to hit up some new New York City spots this month that friends brought me too: FIG 19, The Delancey Rooftop & Bar, Two Hands & free kayaking at Pier 26

Hello AugustThis months main goal is to stay in the present and fully immerse myself into the small moments: hearing the beach waves crash, listening to my dad’s stories, laughing hysterically with my best friends, feeling the wind in my hair and the suns rays on my skin.

Stretch out of my comfort zone by trying a new workout class at my gym.

Keep experimenting with finding the balance between a structured recovery and a flexible schedule. Looking back at July, I barely self-monitored (aka writing down my food) which has been a staple in my recovery. Though I didn’t fully give into old binging habits, I was definitely not mindfully eating. There were days of grazing and overeating at times. Especially when it comes to all the upcoming travel, think my best bet for a successful August is going back to self-monitoring to keep myself accountable.

Do you have any fun adventures planned for August? Any August or Leo babies out there like me?



  1. I really love this post. It sounds like you had an amazing July but are ready for August (like me!)
    And we are completely aligned with our goal of self-monitoring. Let’s both start today and be much better at it for August! 🙂

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      1. YES, OMG literally obsessed. My friend and I had a spontaneous touristy day in our own city and we got there at 8am when it was totally empty, AMAZING!

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  2. Love this! As far as the career thing goes, I think that is totally a generational thing. My first job I worked 80 hour weeks with no complaints for almost 2 years until I switched gigs. I feel like our generation is so plugged in that in truth we are basically able to work 24/7 and since that aspect of culture is ingrained in us it doesn’t always dawn on us to complain. Plus our generation knows how to hustle to make a buck a lot better than the older crowd just because we know we have to. I’ve always noticed that since I started working.

    I might steal this monthly goal idea from you, I need to start organizing my own feelings and life 👌🏼😊 happy almost birthday!


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