Goodbye June: This month was a doozy. Definitely didn’t accomplish some of the goals I set for the month, including my goal of creating a morning meditation habit. Fail on my part. BUT, there was a lot of great stuff. The weather got better in NYC, I explored the city, fell back in love with the gym, set my budget, spent time with family, and purchased a big trip in October. This month flew by, and I have a feeling this is how the rest of the summer will be. 

  • LifestyleOverall, I really prioritized what was important this month. I knew my health, recovery, and enjoyment needed to be number one. I needed to take time for myself, and that sometimes means saying no to after-work plans, skipping the gym, or choosing to splurge on a back massage or pedicure (which obliviously happened hehe). 
  • Mind/Soul: I took time time this month to wake up early, journal, and make a yummy iced coffee. I realized that if I kicked off my morning early the rest of my day is more calm, peaceful & most importantly, less stressful. 
  • Career: Started my new role as a manager! There’s definitely a shift in perspective knowing that I hold more responsibility than ever before, and I am actually responsible for someone else. To be honest, it’s been great so far. Plus, the Associate who semi-reports to me told me I’ve already (non-purposely) taught her that it’s okay to negotiate and stand your ground with upper management if you truly have facts and reasoning to back up your decision. What sparked it was, we were in a meeting with my VP. I received a comment from her to change something within my project, and I pushed back because I thought I provided the best experience and explained my reasons. My VP ended up agreeing, complementing me for providing a new way of doing things and compromising, and we moved on. She was used to just accepting the VPs view & making the changes as requested, this isn’t always the right answer! WE ARE SMART LADIES – if you think you know best, say it! Who knows, you could surprise yourself! 
  • Social: Your girl went on another date! Last month’s was a FAIL. But you know what, as I said in the beginning of June, that’s okay. Weren’t each others cup of tea. But the next one was pretty successful and we’ve hung out multiple times after that. Friends are still amazing. Literally doing things after work everyday, only tough thing is most of them revolve around eating/drinking, so trying to be good and just thinking “how do I want to feel after?” Usually I don’t even care about the food. I want to enjoy my friends and just make good memories. 

Hello July: I have alot planned for this upcoming month! I am going to Rhode Island for the 4th of July weekend, visiting my best friend is Florida, multiple birthdays to celebrate, and enjoying my summer Fridays! Hoping to get a little more toned in the gym and try out a class at NYSC for the first time. Also REALLY want to have a picnic at Central Park. 


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