Creating & Maintaining a Morning Meditation Routine

When summer comes around, my schedule fills up quickly. A week approaches, I glance at my calendar to see what’s going on and surprisingly there’s dinner plans, happy hours, gym times, meal preps, walks with friends, planned out for me by the hour. While this is great, I lose the flexibility to sprinkle some important practices into the free-time I have, those practices being self-care and meditation.

Meditation is always something I’ve cherished. I know it is important and beneficial to reduce anxiety, improve self-awareness, concentration, and happiness; but I’ve always had a tough time getting into a regular meditation practice.

For the next few weeks, I’m moving this high on my priorities list to be a part of my daily routine. As Maxwell Maltz said, it take 21 days to form a new habit (read more about mastering habits in my post here). Making mindfulness and meditation a routine requires time, patience, and effort.

When looking at my schedule, the most strategic place for me to set this meditation time daily is first thing in the morning. The great thing is, this requires no change to my usual morning  routine, EXCEPT I need to replace my usual 10-minutes of browsing social media with meditation. I feel like this shift has the potential to transform my mindset from slightly clustered and tense to clear and calm.

So, first things first. I have to set the stage to start this habit: I will wake up at 7-7:15am, light a candle, sit in the center of my bed, and listen to either a guided meditation on my Insight Timer app or do paced breathing for 5-7 minutes.

Will keep you updated with my progress! Do any of you have a meditation routine or any tips when trying to manifest new routines?

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