A few days late, but here we are in June ALREADY! Where is 2017 going!

Goodbye May: May was 30 days of a fabulous whirlwind. It was seriously transformational in my journey, took me to places that were risky and forced me to be flexible, test my limits, and prove to myself that I could withstand the highest of temptations and be confident in uncomfortable situations.

  • Lifestyle: Traveled three out of the four weekends to Maine, Michigan, and Illinois with friends. Followed my structured flexibility plan (see more about that here) and stuck to my goals. Gym was lacking a little, because my social life was crazy, hoping in June to step it up a little.
  • Mind/Soul: Continuing with the blog and my own personal journal. Taking walks with friends around Central Park, deleted all of my ED podcasts from my phone (not helping my recovery), and writing everything down in my calendar is a huge helper.
  • Career: Applied, and got (WAHOO!), a promotion at work and then negotiated my salary which resulted in an increase. Showed up confident, didn’t make anything emotional, and stated what I want and deserve. Didn’t just accept the first offer to make others happy.
  • Social: This month really showed me how amazing my friends are. My close knit group has become a mix of old, new, friends of friends. When I look at my life from an outsiders perspective it’s kind of amazing how powerful my friendship circle is. I’ve been going out after work, grabbing dinner with friends, going to a workout class, going on walks in Central Park. Loving it and want to continue this in June. Went on my first date in a YEAR. Was it perfect – probably not. Was he “the guy” – probably not. Is that okay? YES, and the fact that I can go on a date now and be proud of myself for being vulnerable instead of obsessing over What does he think of me? Do I look fat? Did he not think I was funny? Or pretty? Or smart? is a big fucking deal.

Hello June: Not anything above and beyond planned for June and I’m kind of looking forward to it. I start my new job tomorrow, and have social plans up the wa-zoo, so want to make sure I keep my health goals a priority and if I’m feeling overwhelmed make sure I step back and take needed time for myself.

Now you tell me, how was your month? Any goals for June? Link your blog below, would love to read if you’ve posted about them!

Image: flipsnack


    1. Thank you so much! Hard work does pay off, but I fully believe that to excel we need to truly believe that we deserve it and radiate that amazing energy!

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