Authenticity: Imperfectly Perfect

Every once in a while I get these little gremlin voices that appear and make me feel like crap. They poke, nag, tease, and cause chaos in my mind.  They tell me I’m not attractive enough to find love, I’m not working hard enough to exceed in my career, and I’m not putting in enough effort to become a socially acceptable size. The gremlins crave perfection, and tear down my efforts for success, creativity, fun, uniqueness, and authenticity.

Within the last year, I’ve comes to terms with the fact that I won’t get far if I strive for perfection.  There will be slip-ups and mistakes; but I need to keep moving forward knowing that it’ll either work out, or the issue will eventually dissolve to insignificance.

I think the most important thing I’ve learned in my recovery it’s to be authentically me.

Recently, one of my best friends said something that gave the impression that I’ve changed. Usually, our initial reaction is to be  be defensive when someone says this. We don’t want to lose our connection to who we once were or feel as though we stand out from the crowd.

But, surprisingly, when we follow what lights us up totally and completely, that will radiate the world – and it’s a given that others will notice. Don’t let that scare you because looking back at my transformation, the process was invigorating.

The older I’ve gotten, the more I concentrate on my happiness, the more I invest into my personal development and growth — the more I embrace these changes authentically and un-apologetically. 


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