Day 3 of my new blogging adventure: Wednesday 5/17. Here’s the breakdown of my usual weekday.

day in the life

6:20am: Surprisingly woke up without my alarm today, went to sleep rather early last night. Think I want to start making this part of my routine. Made a up of coffee with cashew milk, ate half a grapefruit & wrote in my journal for 30 minutes.

7:50am: Left for work! Hopped on the not so crowded subway, listened to Today’s Hits playlist, scanned Instagram, and people watched.

9:00am: Today’s breakfast is Chobani with a sprinkle of stevia, cinnamon, topped with strawberries, 2T Ezekiel cereal and 1T raw cacao nips + office made iced coffee. Had to remind myself to stay mindful while I eat and enjoy this moment of quietness before jumping into work.

12:30pm: Lunch is Gimme Delicious’ 15 Minute Healthy Roasted Chicken & Veggies with Spinach and some baby carrots. I like to do my meal prep on Sunday nights for at least 4 days of the week. Have a 1pm meeting, so eating quickly and will grab a big water bottle for the rest of the day.

4:00pm: Snack time. Today is an Apple + 32g of Walnut Butter + cinnamon. Again, reminding myself to take a moment and pause. Enjoy the food that’s giving me fuel for my day, especially foods that I used to restrict heavily. So also being grateful that I am able to eat this delicious snack and after I’m done, I can easily move on.

6:00pm: Heading home! It’s a gorgeous day in the neighborhood. Decide to go on a walk and enjoy this warm weather instead of heading home and just watching TV. I deliberately didn’t make plans after work today since I’m going out Thurs through next Monday. Desperate for a me night.

6:45pm: Stopping at Whole Foods to pick up a few necessities and to cool down. On the list is: eggs, milk for morning coffee, sliced mushrooms for tonight’s dinner, canned black beans, green onions, and lemons.

7:30pm: Tonight’s dinner is leftover roasted brussels sprouts, mushrooms, zoodles, 1/2c marinara sauce, and 7oz chicken.

8:45pm: Gym time! Feeling good. Did some cardio just to sweat a little: 20 minute run and 10 minutes on the stairmaster. I felt like I should’ve stayed longer, but when that feeling comes up, I know it’s my past bad relationship with fitness popping up. But you know what, I WENT!

9:45pm: Shower & Protein Shake to cool me down. Watched an episode of Chicago PD before heading to sleep.

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